Golf Courses To Benefit From Our Custom Bags

Golf Course Fundraising Tournament Bags  Any golf courses that host tournaments for fundraising can benefit greatly by creating full-color, custom reusable bags for there marketing purposes.  Custom bags will be provided to each tournament that is hosted by the golf course, and there are benefits to both the golf course, and the non-profit.  The golf course will continue to get branding and marketing long after the tournament ends.  Each participating golfer will receive their “swag” bag full of goodies in a full color bag branded with the hosting course’s information.  This is a benefit to the non-profit, as they don’t have to find someone to donate bags.  The golf course can add their cost of the bags to the entry fee, thus having free ongoing marketing and branding.  We can also provide a post card or tag attached to the handles, encouraging a call to action to return to the  course at another date.  This tag could have a coupon for a bucket of balls, buy one round and get one half off, or anything that the golf course desires.  Bags can also be created with pockets or straps to hold bottles of beer or wine.  The opportunities are endless!  Call us to discuss what we can custom create for your golf course! 951-204-2165