Fully Customizable Bags For Your Brand! Low-Cost Advertising!

“How many bags do you need to purchase?” This phrase is now heard with increasing regularity by consumers as they check-out at grocery stores and retailers throughout the nation. The choice is a no-brainer. With several grocers eliminating plastic bags altogether, and states like California and Hawaii legislating away plastic bags, reusable bags are now a global initiative. Let your brand be seen on these “Walking Billboards” as they are brought into stores, used at the office and taken to the gym and the beach. 


All bags can also include a full color glossy Promo Card affixed to the handles continuing your message, serving as a direct response device, postage paid postcard, a special offer or killer deal.

  • Dimensions of the standard Re-Usable Shopping Bag with fireproof coating are 16” height X 12” width X 7” base or approximate. Customized sizes and styles are available.
  • Distribution can be scheduled for a 1 week to 3 month duration.
  • 50% of gross contract is due in advance. Balance is due upon verification of delivery to all scheduled retailers unless otherwise agreed on contract. Prices are subject to change prior to contract.
  • Controlled audit of distribution is provided, verifying delivery to all retailers and service providers.