Remember To Bring Your Bags California!

You get to the checkout line, and you realize you forgot to bring in your reusable bags. How many times has this happened to me! And I even manufacture them! Well, I started doing one of two things, and I now remember them most all of the time.
1. If I get all the way to the checkout counter, I will just ask them to put all my groceries back in the cart and I will bag them at the car.
2. I will park my basket and go get my bags.

When I get home and unpack my reusables, I will immediately put them on the door knob to go back in the car the next time I exit. Yes, it takes some time to get in the habit, but I promise you will! You will also find that you have so many less bags to carry in, as our bags hold about 6 of the contents of the plastic bags. The other thing I like best is I can pack them in the way I unload: refrigerator items in one bag, pantry items in another… you get the idea.

So, embrace the new law California. You will get used to it! And several cities like Los Angeles have been there already! Soon it will be the whole country.