Business Giving Green Program (In Select Areas)

Get More Bags for Your Buck

“Infinity Advertising”

This media is not ignored.  It is not briefly viewed, forgotten and thrown out.  Reusable Bags-n-Tags deliver results!

There Has Never Been Such Value in an Opportunity to Give, yet Gain SO Much!

Bags and Tags for Youth and Non-Profit Organizations are a most unique, compelling and effective advertising medium driving customers right into your business!  Your full-color glossy postcard featuring a 2-for-1 or Special Offer is placed directly in the hands of thousands of active and buying consumers for countless on-going impressions that bring you results!  Further, you’ll be helping the local youth or charity raise much needed revenue for their education, arts, or athletics while helping us all reach critical environmental goals.

Be one of a select number of businesses to secure your participation in this powerful and exciting venue!  Your Special Offer is produced on 3000 to 5000  full color glossy, WE Care Bags and Tags postcards affixed to the handles of attractive, full color WE Care Reusable Shopping Bags.  Your message is also printed on the reusable bags and included on the website featuring the beneficiary school, non-profit or youth organization.  The reusable bags are distributed by the local youth or charity to raise both awareness and money for their school or non-profit organization.

Your coupon or special offer is placed right in the hands of thousands of consumers in your specific market, driving customers directly into your place of business!  Your advertising keeps on working as people daily use their full color, reusable bags everywhere they travel, shop, work, and play, featuring your logo and a message applauding your care for our environment, urging the patronizing of your business.  Your support of the youth and charities in your community is very much appreciated!

Your special offer is handsomely printed in full color on double -sided, glossy 3½” x 4½” Bags and Tags  postcards. They are affixed to the handles PLUS your logo is appropriately integrated into the design of 3000- 5000 Re-Usable Bags promoting the beneficiary school, youth or charity organization.



Green is a Way of Life

Reusable Bags are used constantly. With a life span of up to 5 years,

your message will be seen repeatedly for years to come.

You’ll have to agree, that’s a lot of “bags for your buck”!